Pedestrian Bridge / Hatfield Pretoria.




Project Description

In 2016, the University of Pretoria launched an architectural competition for the design of a pedestrian bridge. As with most cities, Pretoria is laid out predominantly in a grid with major artery routes which connects the central business districts with the more peripheral suburbs. Jan Shoba Street passing through Hatfield is one of the major north-south artery roads, connecting Brooklyn with Queenswood and further north. Hatfield is the main business district feeding off the main campus and a place with a lot of positive urban energy but unfortunately also a divider of the main and west campus of the university. This division is further reinforced by the very busy Jan Shoba Street. The main purpose of the pedestrian bridge was to provide a safe crossover point at the very busy Jan Shoba Street and Duxbury Road intersection, to allow seamless flow for pedestrians and students between the two campuses.

When considering the facility proposed there are various aspects to consider from a transport related perspective to ensure that the bridge meets its design criteria to be feasible from an economic as well as social and environmental perspective and to ensure that the proposed facility is not only effective in providing grade separated access to the Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) network but also to ensure that the Motorised network is not compromised.

The designer’s approach was to not only design a bridge that will adhere to all legal and practical requirements, but also serve as a sculptural landmark in Hatfield. Materials used consist of mostly steel and off-shutter concrete with suspension cables.

Project details

Date : 2016