Air Force Base/ Africa




Project Description

The brief called for the architects to provide the client with a conceptual design for a military air force base adjacent to an existing commercial airport in a very remote location, sharing the same runway. Due to the confidential nature of this project the name and location is not mentioned here.
Wilkinson Architects were involved in the conceptual design of the housing as well as the entrance gate buildings.
The project entails a series of buildings, intelligently positioned along predefined streets in order to form a townscape. Intimate streets are appropriately interrupted by green spaces along the way. Residential buildings define tree filled courtyards. The project is divided into a very secure area, which involves aircraft hangers, and auxiliary buildings and a less secure area, which comprises of residential quarters and recreational buildings.
Due to the remote location of the project, buildings are designed in such a way that off-site manufacturing of structural components and the more precise elements are possible, allowing for easy assembly on site. However, the ‘infill’ part of buildings, will be made from local materials where possible, which will allow for local smaller scale contractors to be involved. As a result of the close proximity to the equator, buildings are designed to be climatically appropriate, with large roof overhangs and proper ventilation in the form of operational louvers on either side of the linear plan shapes.
Note: In association with Valter Neumann Architects.


Project details

Date: 2014