House Du Toit/ Port Nolloth



Northern Cape

Project Description

House Du Toit is a single storey show house that successfully interprets the guidelines of the Kaikai estate. At KaiKai it is the developer’s goal to establish a sustainable and timeless development which not only reflects a contemporary and modern lifestyle, but also an environmentally friendly approach towards the sensitive West Coast landscape, with its unique and abundant fauna and flora. In view of this, the developer and architect have collaborated on a set of architectural and landscape guidelines that encourage consistency and creativity while protecting the natural environment. Local materials and labour create an authenticity to Port Nolloth and the Richtersveld Coast.  Simultaneously the integration of art and architecture provides employment to the local people through an extensive mosaic and land art project.

The architect was asked to design a single storey show house that successfully interprets the guidelines and shows investors and home owners what can be achieved within the set parameters. The end product reflects an understated, yet sophisticated series of interconnected flat roofed pavilions. This series of smaller buildings is the result of dealing with the sloping site, the creation of wind protected courtyards, and fragmentation of the facade in order to minimize the visual impact on the dunes and the creation of light shafts to enhance the natural light quality in the house. In addition to the above, the house relies on free-standing walls to layer facades and enhance the definition of courtyards.

Project details

Date fo completion: 2008


National South African Institute of Architects Award of Merit for design of the house du toit, Kaikai, Port Nolloth.


VISI #46 – holiday issue