Garden Pavilion/ Pretoria




Project Description

Due to the lack of light in the existing house, it was suggested that a garden pavilion be built separated from the house, providing a link from the house and its existing patio to the pool.

This is achieved by locating the new building at the same angle as the pool and creating an understated north-west façade that does not compete with the existing façade of the house.  Two low pitched roofs slope inwards to a bold off-shutter concrete wall containing a box gutter.  This wall acts as a three-dimensional pivot, absorbing the change in geometry in terms of the overall plan.

The structure on the southern facade is designed in such a manner as not to distinguish between wall and roof structure, but rather to form an integral structure, together with the three dimensional branch-like rafter supports, contributing to the overall effect of lightness and transparency.

Project details

Date of completion: 2000


Architecture SA Project Award for recognition of outstanding design


SA Architect jul/aug


Architecture SA nov/dec