Dune House/ Port Nolloth



Northern Cape

Project Description

The Dune House serves as a two-bedroom prototype for the Kaikai residential estate. It consists of two bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a single garage. The main challenge revolves around manipulating the orientation of the building to embrace the west-facing views whilst protecting the living spaces from the harsh prevailing winds. 

An off-shutter concrete skin wraps itself around the house, forming a sculptural element that defines and protects the inner spaces against the elements.  A moveable screen is incorporated into the eastern façade of the concrete wrapping, providing privacy from the street as needed. An overhead timber screen cuts through the solidity of the wrapping, filtering northern light into the space below.  This screen also fulfils the necessary function of blocking the wind turbulent that roll over the site constantly.

Project details

Date of completion: 2009



Architecture SA Project Award