Biomimicry Precinct/ Knysna



Western Cape

Project Description

In association with GWA Studio, NLA Landscape Architects & Matthew Rosmarin. Typically man-made systems and products involve using resources in linear ways. Often the resources are derived using highly energy intensive methods, then used inefficiently and ultimately end up as waste. In nature there is no waste as one organism’s “waste” is another’s raw material. While some benefits can be derived by looking at each of these stages separately, it is worth remembering Einstein’s maxim that problems are not solved by thinking within the same level of consciousness that created them. Biomimicry offers completely new ways of approaching design such that the whole system can be optimised and radical increases in resource-efficiency can be achieved. Our plan takes into consideration some of the obvious natural aspects of the site, however to gain a truly biomimetic understanding of the site we plan to run a genius of place study to effectively leverage the existing local resources.

Project details

Date of completion: December 2012