Andante Wedding Venue/ Mookgopong



Limpopo Province

Project Description

In 2019 Wilkinson Architects were approached to design a wedding venue on a game farm near Mookgopong, in Limpopo province. Due to the remoteness from a city and availability of skills and materials in the area, it was decided to base the design on prefabricated steel rafters as the primary structural component. This approach allowed for smaller scale local contractors to do the infill non-loadbearing brick work and other less complicated components. The design basically consists of 3 barn style sheds, that are carefully placed to optimise the view to the mountain range to the south across an open plain and water hole as well as defining an intimate courtyard. Infill materials are sourced locally will have a raw appearance with grass mixed into the soil-cement mixture as well as mosaic artwork inspired by nature and antelope present on the farm.

Project details

Date : 2019